Pool Safety Inspections, Pool Certificates

 Pool Safety Maintenance and Fence Repairs – Mackay​​

We offer a professional and comprehensive pool safety inspection service in Mackay and surrounding areas to ensure your swimming pool complies with Queensland’s new legislation. 

Inspections, Certificates, Basic Repairs

As required of licensed pool safety inspectors, we can inspect your pool, issue a report, and if compliant, issue a safety certificate.  Unlike most pool safety inspectors, we can perform any basic repairs ourselves, saving you time and money.  How do we do this?  If, during the inspection, we find that something does not comply with the law, you do not need to find someone else to come repair the issue, then have to re-book and pay for re-inspection.  Instead, we attend to all basic repairs ourselves (for any jobs $3000 and under) and issue the safety certificate without the re-inspection fee you would normally incur.


Why Us?

We provide pool owners with a requirements checklist prior to their inspections. We offer fast turnaround and competitive rates for our comprehensive pool safety inspections and give professional, friendly advice and a full safety report which includes advice about any non-conformances, and a safety certificate when needed.


Owning and operating a swimming pool is part of the iconic Australian lifestyle—specially in Queensland, where the summer heat has many of us searching out and jumping into the water at every opportunity.  Little wonder swimming pool ownership is so high in this State.  You may perform the usual upkeep on your pool: keeping it clean and adding salt or chlorine to the water.  But regularly checking and certifying the safety elements is still the most important consideration seeing as it can make the difference between life and death right in your own backyard. Especially when young children are involved. And this is why the Queensland Government requires that strict safety standards be met.


This involves mandatory registration of all swimming pools, ensuring that your pool has a barrier that complies with the law.  And when your property is being leased or sold, you will need to arrange a pool safety certificate.  Mackay locals, along with those who live in surrounding areas: south to Sarena, north to Airlie Beach, and west to [please insert the approx. westernmost suburb you service] can take advantage of our expertise.



We provide pool safety services for all types of swimming pools.  We work for domestic house owners, landlords, real estate agents, body corporates and operators of public swimming pool facilities so that the safety of you, your family, guests or customers is never compromised.  Remember that pool safety inspections are required every two years for private residences, but must be done every 12 months for shared pool facilities such as gated communities, apartment complexes or public swimming pools.


Your pool safety is our priority.  Call us on (07) 4944 1272 for a friendly chat if you have any questions about pool safety, or to arrange for your swimming pool inspection.